Illamasqua Stateside Launch

By Liz Shayala

Guess what alter ego? It’s your time to shine!

Over the course of my twentysomething years I’ve fallen in love with many beauty products, but I can truthfully say I never felt this before: ILLAMASQUA has made its way onto my face and into my heart - leaving me completely and shamelessly devoted…and yes, maybe a little bit obsessed.

This U.K. “professional night-time makeup” brand exploded onto the beauty scene just nine months ago and in that short time has amassed a cult-like following. With visionary makeup artist, Alex Box as artistic director it comes as no surprise that this brand is cutting, edgy and downright provocative.

But it’s the vision that ILLAMASQUA was created on that makes it such a powerful brand. ILLAMASQUA is “Make-up for your alter-ego”, advocating alternative lifestyles and promoting self-expression through make-up.

And if the imagery and attitude are the hook and the line, their glorious 200+ show-stopping products are definitely the sinker.


Liquid Metal 
in Enrapture (highlighting cream in metallic copper) $24-

Intense Lip gloss 
in Mistress (bright coral orange) $19

Nail Varnish in Milf (vintage mint green) $14

Thankfully, on July 31, ILLAMASQUE ‘s “emo-mazing” products will be sold for the first time in the US, starting at the Sephora in Times Square, followed by 26 other Sephoras across the US by the end of October.

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