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After Noah

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This week for my 'shops i love' page I bring you a long time favourite of mine, After Noah. I recently visited their store in Islington and fell in love with the kids section. I had always visited their other store on the Kings Road which is great for interiors. Well, the kids section in Islington is magical! It makes you feel like you are seven again with the vast array of old fashioned toys and games that will make you exclaim "Do you remember that!, I do!".

There is a sweetie counter full of old fashioned classic favourites, like sherbet dib-dabs, sherbet fountains and big colourful swirly lollipops. They have a kids play kitchen area which is where I picked up the adorably cute mini Nutella jar, Fairy washing up liquid bottle and a multi pack of mini packaging boxes amongst the shelves and baskets of treasures. Molly loved them and they now sit on a little shelf in her play kitchen which she constantly re-arranges.

This shop is a must-visit shop as you can't help but leave with a big smile on your face!

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