Are you addicted to your mobile?

Sprint is launching the SprintSpeed Blog Experiment, during which it will strip seven of its employees of their cellphones or Blackberries for a week and ask them to blog about the experience.

Did you know that 43 percent of users take their Blackberries to bed with them? And overchecking email can now be sated with a 12-step program called the E-Mail E-diction Detox, courtesy of Marsha Egan, a Pennsylvania-based productivity expert. Next up,Psychology classes will soon cover a phone complex tied to insecurity and validation. Mark my word. Not to mention we are perpetuating a.d.d.

What do you think, could you live without your phone/blackberry for a week? Ok, what about a day? An hour? The thing about phone usage is that everyone knows that often times when people are "on their phones" they aren't doing shit and are just trying to look cool. Hey people out at night, get the hell off your phones and live a little!

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