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Having a blog is a true joy. There really is something to be said for having an acutal readership, it provides a sense of worth that you dont really find at most jobs as a 20 something. Notice I said most. I started my blog without much of a vision and it has evolved into two basic categories, more or less by default, fashion and celebrities. Girls, especially me, can talk about both of these subjects religiously but then again we can talk about pretty much anything for long periods of time that really have no actual purpose, function, conclusion...see my point? We banter. As an avid banterer, some days I really find myself wanting to blog about topics that may veer off the general "because im addicted" repertoire. For example, "Eat Like Me" literally blogs about everything she eats during the day which if you are wondering I went to Whole Foods and made a greek salad and a small starter dish of olives, hummus and babganoosh. Or there is the "The Sartorialist" who just post pictures. I love this concept and while my camera is often made fun of for being one of the first digitals on the market and is literally the size of 2 walk mens combined, I often just want to post pictures up with no commentary too. I also adore the simplicity and informative content provided by "Blackburn and Sweetzer". I mean I live in the neighborhood too however I really should, could, would, but dont write about a quarter of the local places I often visit. Ladies and gentleman my point is this, my blog is going to always have the content you come here for but expect some random posts. Im ready for more and besides a blog on blogspot should be somewhat personal. And sorry dad, im older than the the prey you see victimized by the predators on Chris Hansens show, a little personal life wont lead me to a segment on 20/20. Although if they are doing a segment on fabulous bloggers, ehhh hemm, thats another story.



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I cant share all my secrets....


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