Genlux Issue Release Party

Last night we went to the Genlux Aug/Sept Issue Release Party hosted by Kelly Carlson at the The Celebrity Vault. You have to take an afternoon, lunch at Coupa Cafe and browse the art and photography there, its absolutely amazing. The art was by far the highlight of the evening, the room was full of LA fashion names, a bit too much calegion, merlot, beautiful live music, a few random hipsters, many many Lanvin bags and a few too many photographers. Kelly Carlson happens to be pretty hot however she looks nothing like she does in the magazine or in nip tuck for that matter. It made me wonder, is she embarrassed to appear live at a party for a magazine which she graces the cover for that has been completely altered to the point that it looks almost nothing like her? The beyond airbrushed/photo shopped cover and spread looks like her hotter twin sister. Dont get me wrong, she is beautiful but she isnt the person in Genlux, she is her jealous twin.


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