Girl Hot or Boy Hot

Do you dress for men or women? After a long discussion about dressing "girl hot" or "boy hot" we've decided to start a new column properly named, "Girl Hot or Boy Hot." You see, what girls think is hot and what boys think are hot are two totally different wardrobes. I, like many girls, dress girl hot so much in fact that often times my roommate sends me back to my room to get more boy hot. I tend to pay little attention to boy hot by nature and to the contrary there are girls that are strictly boy hot and don't veer into girl hot territory whatsoever. I adore the hipster chic, boho beauty, fashion forward looks however men don't get these. Girl hot is generally aligned with the trends while boy hot is well, do I need explain?
Exhibit A, boy hot:
Girls hate her, men want her. Assets out, dress short, tan in full force, fresh pedicure exposed, hair down, smoky cat eyes, everything matches, a reflective dress translates to men seeing themselves all over you.

Exhibit B, girl hot:
Confusing for the opposite sex yet intriguing for women. Fashion forward with sandals seldom seen anywhere but the runway, yellow high waisted skirt which may be confused for a drape, a belt mid waist for the purpose of?, jacket, bracelet, is that a handbag?, messy "I dont really care hair but it doesnt matter, everyone is going to talk about this outfit because well, im girl hot."

Do you get our drift? Please feel free to submit pictures that you think are boy hot, girl hot, both boy and girl hot or simply not hot to

Before you get ready tonight think about who you are dressing for, perhaps even get a little more boy hot!

Photo Cred: teddyanmoo


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