I gots an award :D

Sorry things have been a bit quiet on the blogging front this week, I've not really had anything new or exciting to show you and I like to think quality of blog posts comes before quantity, right? ;D

You guys might be interested to know that I've started gathering bits and pieces as prizes for my first giveaway which will be when I hit 75 followers - just 13 to go so I'd better get my skates on! It won't be huge expensive prizes, bear in mind I'm struggling to find employment, but I'll do the best I can for you guys because you're all awesome. Hah, and maybe when I finally get a job I'll hold a second giveaway in celebration of my first payday!

Anyway, without further ado, I'm super excited to have been given my first bloggers' award by the lovely Nefertari. Yaay!

It still puzzles me that the picture is a lemonade stand, but it's cute haha. So I'm required to nominate 12 blogs I love to read. I've had a damn hard time whittling it down to 12 :( because you're all wonderful. But here goes! I'm trying not to pick the same people I tagged for the photo thing.

1. Chammy
2. Sarah
3. Hachii
4. Jenn
5. Nessa
6. Phyrra
7. Sinead
8. Nicole
9. Laura Faye
10. Marcia
11. Lisa Kate
12. VexintheCity

That was hard!

In other news, for some strange unknown reason I received two sample sachets of MaxFactor's second skin foundation in the post today. I certainly didn't send off for them XD so god knows. But like I said, there's two sachets, one in the shade 'natural', which looks like it might be okay for my skin (I'll let you know once I try it out later today), but the other one is called 'golden' and it would be WAY too dark for me. Does anyone want it? I've got plenty of stamps sitting around in my room, and 'cause it's just a sachet I can just throw it in an envelope and send it to anyone who might want it. ^_^; Looks as though it would be suitable for anyone with a medium skintone.

Oh and another thing; I got my A level results on Thursday - they weren't bad but I think I could have done better. Colin still bought me BeneFit's Laugh with me Leelee perfume though <333 src="http://www.lifekingdom.co.uk/HFA/HFA548/PMPL/logo_HFA548_PMPL.jpg">
There's 24 different colours there, and I paid £11.97 total including P&P. Years ago, when I was about 12, my grandparents bought me a set very similar to this from the Argod catalogue, 'cept there were only 12 colours and it cost them £35! Haha. They all went gloopy years ago though and I threw them out. But I'm looking forward to getting some new ones. ^_^;

I think that's pretty much everything I've got to say right now.. ^_^; <3


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