Ironic Reggae Night at the Hollywood Bowl

Last night we packed our picnic basket and headed to the Hollywood Bowl for Reggae Night VI. When you think of Reggae night most may come up with basic stereotypes, jamaicans, a super chill atmosphere, perhaps some ganja, sensual dancing and heads full of dreads. Last night, this wasnt the case. The setting and concert were completely amazing, couldnt have asked for more but the crowd....the crowd wasnt really what you would anticipate. To give you a visual imagine a bunch of 40 somethings with absolutely no rhthym wasted off of fancy French wine wearing something reggae poser dancing like orangutans on crack. Yes, Im serious. It was that ironic and to make it even funnier the lead singer of Burning Spear (pictured) was wearing an Ed Hardy get up from head to toe. Im dying to know if Ed Hardy paid him to wear it or if that is seriously what he showed up in.

My favorite performance was when Cherine Anderson came out for the Taxi Gang. She really was unbelievable. Besides hanging out with the fam my favorite moment was when a guy and girl (who were rolling together) hit on my cousin Anthony at the same time. He such a pimp. Thank you for an amazing evening Stevie and Marisa!!

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