Urban Outfitters - The losers guide to being trendy

Yesterday as I suffered through the heat of the valley I stepped into Urban Outfitters with the hopes of finding very cold air conditioning. I found air, not as cold as I had hoped, and I also found a bunch of crappy merchandise, poser shoppers and a staff that had as much fashion sense as Kathy Griffin. Ive always felt that the "Urban look" was precisely manufactured and yesterday my beliefs were at an all time high. The poser store has taken it to new heights.

For many of us Urban is another Forever 21 or H&M, a place to pick up copies of the hottest designers, however to many others Urban Outfitters is the losers guide to being trendy. Urban tries so hard that they have teamed up with The Cobrasnake for what you may wonder? To sell losers a look. Sorry Mark but you are officially a sell out. How can you claim to be a "hipster" and support a store that creates cultural wannabes? I guess from your standpoint its all very flattering that they want to use you as an outlet to provide "a look" in which you inhabit and to some respect have assisted in creating. But dont give me this "Im giving people an identity crap." Fake hipsters are the worst form of posers, isnt the fashion statement supposed to be about originality and "going against the man"?? The fact that Urban needed you validates my point and is a desperate call for cool points. I can see it now, the Urban staff sitting around a fake antique looking table lit by one of those "vintage" chandeliers discussing ideas on how to move in on the desperate vulnerable crowd that needs an identity.

Ok, off that cobra tangent and back to the focal point, Urban Outiffers being the losers guide to being trendy. Actually, I think Ive rested my case. We've come to the conclusion that Urbans main attribute for success is that they are able to create looks for those that really just have no clue. Throw some skinny jeans, a tshirt, a few necklaces, some cheap rip off flats, a scarf and a hat on a girl/guy and v'wala you are a walking Urbanner. So what do you call these clichés? Hype-sters, fipsters, wipsters?

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