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My Vintage at Goodwood
Yesterday I went to the UK’s first vintage festival "Vintage at Goodwood", tucked away in the simply stunning surroundings of the Goodwood Estate in West Sussex. Billed as fashion's answer to Glastonbury, it is the brainchild of Red or Dead founder/designer Wayne Hemmingway and his wife Geraldine, and is a celebration of five decades of British music, fashion, film, art and design, from the 1940's to the 1980's.

After being fitted with our retro watch wrist tags we walked through an almost magical woodland with twinkling lights hanging from the trees. I could feel the excitement building inside me. As one teenage girl beside me declared, "I love it already!". Upon entering the festival arch we were greeted by an array of gorgeous vintage cars and the cute film set-style "High Street" at the hub of the Town. We headed over to the Yellow Brick Road in the vintage marketplace, passing teams of girls swanning around with gorgeous vintage-style hair do's that they had had done at the aptly named Beauty Bar.

Acorn and Will @ Vintage at Goodwood
There was stand after stand full of gorgeous vintage and vintage-inspired treasures. My favorite stand was Acorn and Will. In fact, I loved it so much that I will have to dedicate a whole post to them later, including their pretty bird brooches, reels of fabulous polka dot ribbons and an array of pastel kitchenware.

Pretty dresses at Vintage at Goodwood
From the Yellow Brick Road we strolled down Eclectic Avenue, admiring the pretty lace dresses in hues of washed out pastels adorned with feathers and gems.

Retro Butlins at Vintage at Goodwood
At the end of Eclectic Avenue there was plenty for the kids to do at the vintage Butlins camp.

Bunting at Vintage at Goodwood
After having a peek around a few of the beautifully presented display caravans and Airstreams that were decorated with lots of bunting and kitsch florals, curiosity got the better of us and we headed over to the group of photographers who had assembled at the Beach BBQ.

Bathing Belles at Vintage at Goodwood
Aha, you can see what all the fuss was about! Who could resist these bathing belles in their cute swimsuits!

Vintage Fairground at Vintage at Goodwood
As we meandered around the fairground, I got distracted by the Vintage Food Quarter.

Slice of cake? at Vintage at Goodwood
Candy Camper at Vintage at Goodwood
I couldn't help myself and bought a quarter of strawberry bonbons at the Candy Camper. The draw of the film set High Street became too much and we headed up South Street towards the clock tower.

Clock Tower at Vintage at Goodwood
Revelers at Vintage at Goodwood
Mingling around the shops with the perfectly dressed revelers.

Vintage Makeup Artist at Vintage at Goodwood
Watching festival-goers getting vintage make overs and enjoying all the eye candy and tunes the festival had to offer.

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