Water Decals, Round 2

I gave the Viva la Nails water decals another go yesterday. I had much better luck this time round! After the little fiasco I had last time, I think I'd learnt from mistakes. I wore them over Illamasqua's Jo'Mina.

I was really surprised at how easy I found it this time. I used room-temperature water, and found that by sliding the backing off on my finger and leaving the design on my fingertip, all I had to do was touch that fingertip to the nail I was applying to. It really was easy! I did have a small problem with a couple of them sliding around on my nail while they were still wet but all I had to do was slide it to where I wanted it and leave well alone for a minute so it dried in place.

After this success story, I'm really tempted to buy some more of these. They are available here for only £1.95 per sheet. There is at least 20 decals (so at least enough for 2 full manicures, or more if you don't adorn every nail) on a sheet so it's pretty cheap. I really like the detail you get with decals, it adds a whole new level of intricacy. I also like that the designs are varied in size, it's nice to have something smaller for your little finger and larger for your thumb rather than everything being uniform.

If I do buy some, would anyone like a picture tutorial on how I've found easiest to use them? They aren't as much of a popular nail art technique as they should be!

What do you think of water decals?


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