Barneys Green Holiday Theme. And no, its not the Grinch!

According to WWD, Barneys is making "Green" the theme of its Holiday advertising this year, and has recruited Stella McCartney to create an exclusive 18-piece eco-friendly and organic capsule collection for the resort season, to arrive in mid-November.

McCartney is no stranger to the movement and will be launching "Care" her organic skin care line in tandem with the apparel line. The designer has gone so far as to incorporate trims and recycled fabrics from past collections to minimize waste. In McCartney, Barneys has chosen a designer who has stuck to her convictions since she originally started her own label. She has already proved that it is possible to create a luxury fashion brand including shoes and accessories without using leather or animal skins, so taking the crunchy granola out of organic clothes should be a snap.

In addition to Stella, Barneys will also have special items from Rag & Bone, Henry Cuir and Rogan as well as a collection from 3.1 Philip Lim made entirely from organic cotton.

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!!! Totz eco chic!!

Source and Photo Cred: WWD


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