DIY: Stephanie's B-oooo-tiful Halloween Wreaths


Pottery Barn 

Martha Stewart: how-to


 These wicked wreaths are absolutely to die for!  Regardless of witch one you prefer, they're so easy to make it's scary

Although Halloween is still over a week away I thought I'd give you all a head start with this project considering that it might take a little time to make.  I've included two "how-to" links to get you started but I'm pretty sure that once you get going your imaginations will take over and you won't even need them.  These wreaths are a great way to decorate for Halloween and to add a little flair to this spooky celebration. Have fun!

Black Wreath & Scarecrow (my favorite one)  How-to tips.

 A few more seasonal fun images...

Happy Halloween season!

(Via Amy Atlas, Mary Ruffle and We heart it, Brocante Home)


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