Fyrinnae Dia De Los Muertos and some older colors - swatches

My Fyrinnae order , with some samples from the new collection Dia De Los Muertos

Swatches : over Pixie Epoxy

Row 1 : Rapunzel has Extensions , Dressed to Kill , Dance Macabre and Dinosaur Plushie
Row 2 : Crimson Ghost , Moon Child , Forbidden Lover and Madame & Eve's
Row 3 : Calavera Cupcakes , Catrina Cabaret , La Noche and Eternal Innocence

Rapunzel has Extensions , golden pink-peach

Dressed to Kill Glimmering, glowing deceptive gilded green "duocolor", with flashes of green and gold sparkle

Dance Macabre (Dia De Los Muertos) , Bright, festive lime green with a shimmering yellow highlight

Dinosaur Plushie , i love this one , my camera could't capture the beautyness of this one ... very sparkly

Crimson Ghost Satiny ivory-pink , but once applied , it has a soft glow of light red shimmer in varying hues

Moon Child , Soft glimmering ivory shade with just the right amount of shimmer, not big sparkle

Forbidden Lover , Multi-hued lilac covered in lighter pink & lavender shimmer and sparkle

Madame & Eve's (Dia De Los Muertos) , sparkling teal, move it closer to light or in sunlight, and it morphs to violet then gleaming magenta.  

Calavera Cupcakes !(Dia De Los Muertos) Glimmering metallic silver topped with sprinkles of vivid pink 

Calavera Cupcakes , you can see the silvergray changing to a pink-purple tone

Catrina Cabaret (Dia De Los Muertos) Deep cool teal frolicks with a fun pink-purple highlight and sparkle

Here you can see how the color changes from tealblue to pink

La Noche (Dia De Los Muertos) Deep Sapphire Blue

And this one was a free one : Eternal Innocence (Dia De Los Muertos)Rich, vivid emerald green with a hint of teal, shimmering but not glittery


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