HUGE bargain alert! And something for Jacie

This weekend only, Eyeko are offering ALL SIX of their nail polishes (which potentially have the cutest bottle design in the history of cute nail polish bottles) for just £5.40! I ordered mine this afternoon but I totally forgot to mention it to you guys before now. Sorry!

So get your skates on, 'cause if you order before midnight GMT Sunday 11th October you'll save 70% on this gorgeous set:

Well, they say 70% - that's true if you were to buy the polishes seperately at £3 each but they normally do this set of six for £9 so really you're not saving 70% - but whatever, at 90p per polish you really CAN'T go wrong!

I already have Pastel Polish and Pretty Polish but I love them both so backups at that price can't be missed. I'm not likely to use the red one much, I don't wear reds often. Vamp Polish looks gorgeous, I love dark blues. Punk Polish looks like fun too, can never have enough pinks! As for Disco Polish, I hear it's quite opaque which is awesome as I've never had an opaque glitter. The formula of these polishes isn't the best in the world but it's by no means bad or too difficult to work with.

Don't forget that Eyeko offer free shipping worldwide! And there's dozens of ambassador codes floating round the blogosphere which if you enter at the checkout entitle you to a random free gift with your purchase. Even more reason to shop! :D Here's just a handful of the ambassador codes I found with a quick google search: E6679, E6627, E6684, E6727, E4377, E3117... take your pick!

Let me know if you order too! ^_^;

(I'm not an Eyeko ambassador nor am I affiliated with Eyeko in any way; I just thought this was too good a deal to keep to myself!)


And while we're here, the lovely Jacie, owner of the genius new nail blog that is You've Got Nail, tested out the Eyeko polishes with Konad as per my suggestion, it turned out great - you can check it out here. And in return, I promised her I'd try out something similar with different colours! So here you go Jacie!

This is Barry M nail paint 276 (Shocking Pink) for the base - at least I think the number is 276, but it's 3am and I can't be arsed to check right now ;P then Eyeko Pretty Polish for the stamping using Konad plate M9. And little pink rhinestones in the middle of one flower on my ring finger. ^_^;

In other news, I've come to the conclusion that I really do talk too much. This was just meant to be a post to let you know about the Eyeko bargain yet I've managed to make it into an essay. Sorry! XD Hope you're all well! <3


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