I'm alive, I promise!

Pretty rare for me to go almost a week without blogging, right? Sorry! Been a little busy, here's the lowdown:

After 4 months of unemployment since leaving college, I've FINALLY scored a job! There's a new coffee shop opening by the train station in my little town, I start on Wednesday. My uniform is really cute - the place is called Mrs Sippy's, we have pink polo shirts with that written on them and little black aprons, and I'm gonna wear those with a knee-length skirt. Perhaps I'll show you at some point!

My wonderful boyfriend, Colin, came to stay this weekend. ^_^ And he brought me suprise presents - you might notice a couple of things have been crossed off my wishlist in the sidebar! He got me Illamasqua Phenomena liquid metal and Involve pure pigment :D YAY. AND he saw my Tweet on Friday morning that read something like 'I think I might actually cry when my Maybelline Pure.Cover mineral concealer runs out' - so he got me one of them too. Do I have the best boyfriend ever? Chyeah ;D I'm far too tired to update properly tonight but here's some posts that should be coming up soon! 'Most Used' Tag (thanks Jo and Paula!) Swatches (maybe reviews?) of new Illamasqua goodies Maybelline Pure.Cover mineral concealer review Swatches/review of Trucco Angel Face palette A PINK post to catch the end of Breast Cancer Awareness month! I'm thinking a pink FOTD and KOTD! Stargazer cake eyeliner review Hopefully I'll have time for all these what with the jawb and stuff! I've been meaning to do the concealer review for a while 'cause I love it so much, getting a new one has given me the motivation to finally do it! In other news, I have a VERY painful spot trying it's hardest to sprout on the end of my nose. Ouch D: How are you all? All well, I hope!


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