Leopard Season

Is it me or do leopard prints come back every fall? Not that I'm complaining...I've actually been collecting a few select items over the years, including a gorgeous silk cape that I bought many years ago in NYC.  But a dainty, feminine, vintage coat was really what I was on the hunt for and mes amies, I'm happy to report that   
*I have found it.* Here it is my new baby:

Hope you like it! I promise to take a shot of me wearing it as soon as I have a fabulous occasion to wear it out. I look forward to mixing it up with bright colors (like the green sweater pictured above.)

P.S. I found my new best friend at Arterie, a lovely vintage shop in Montreal. The prices are reasonable and the staff is so sweet too.

P.P.S If you want to go all out and have leopard nails, take a peek here!

(Images French Frosting, Smoothies, Vogue and Coffee)


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