Pastel silicone bakeware

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Pastel silicone bakeware by Torie Jayne
  1. Technique silicone 6 piece collapsible muffin & carry case
  2. Technique 3 piece silicone baking set by Cooks Essentials
  3. Technique 7 piece individual muffin and round cake pan by Cook's Essentials
  4. Technique 20 silicone standalone muffin moulds and baking board
  5. Technique 3 piece novelty chocolate mould set
  6. Technique 3 piece silicone baking set by Cook's Essentials

This week in my series of posts, "Fridays Finds", I bring you a selection of pastel coloured bakeware. I will be definitely putting the muffin carry case on my Christmas wish list!

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