Patience is a virtue

I can't even remember how long ago it was that Brooke of Getcha Nails Did named one of her franken polishes with my suggestion. Must have been at least 3 weeks now? Anyway, for the benefit of new followers - she wanted to send me a bottle of it as thanks for the name! And, being cheeky, I asked her to do a custom purchase for me of some China Glaze polishes and Seche Vite top coat. What with all the Royal Mail strikes and crap, it's taken it's sweet ass time getting here but I've tried to be patient. I apologise to those of you who follow me on Twitter and had to endure at least 15 tweets over the last couple of weeks saying 'I WANT MY PACKAGE FROM BROOKE NOOOWWW!'. Haha :D but IT'S HERE!

According to my sister it actually arrived on Friday afternoon (I went away on Friday morning, hah) but it was late by the time I got home on Sunday evening so I waited until this morning to play about with my new stuff. Brooke included a lovely little note with the polishes, and can I just say she has the most gorgeous handwriting ever? It's almost calligraphic! :D That might not even be a word, but whatever. LET'S GO!

Here's Let's Do It In 3D from the Kaleidoscope collection, and OMG, FYI and TTYL from the OMG collection. I've been so excited about holos since I got the GOSH one a few weeks ago but it's been so overcast all day that I haven't been able to fully appreciate the awesomeness of these yet.

Then there's Seche Vite top coat which I've wanted to try for ages but it's like £12 in the UK, sod that when I got it for $4.50 with Brooke's custom purchase! I'm glad I didn't pay £12 buying it in the UK 'cause I'm not getting on too well with it so far - I was worried that I got a dodgy bottle when I saw how thick it was, but a quick google search told me it's supposed to be thick (AND that you can't use up a full bottle without Seche's 'specially formulated' thinner, Seche Restore - cheeky bastards!). I'm gonna persist though until I get the hang of using it. Also here are Passion and Cherish from China Glaze's Romantique collection, which I mainly got because they're apparently awesome for Konad-ing.

And here are the two things Brooke generously sent me for free! The bottle of her franken - Russian Gravy (Yes, it's made with OPI Russian Navy and a whole bunch of awesome glitters), AND the massively sought after China Glaze Fortune Teller! Sweet! In all honesty I've never been big on glitters but I think I've been well and truly converted - the annoying removal process is more than worth it. Swatchy time, round two!

Here's the Romantique ones first. I'm actually really liking the colour of Cherish, I didn't expect to like it as a base colour as I only really intended these two for stamping. They're a teeeny bit thick and it took me a couple of minutes to work out how to wipe off the brush in the bottle neck to get a thin enough coat for this not to streak. But all's well and good now ;D

Oh, sorry about that *picks your jaw up from the floor*! HOW awesome are these?! Russian Gravy is a little rough to the touch due to the buckets of glitter in there but nothing a top coat can't smooth out. I'm really disappointed in my inability to photography Fortune Teller well - this SO doesn't do it justice. It's a black based stuffed with a bunch of different orange glitters but it's been so overcast all day that I can't get a good picture of the glitter, even with flash! But there's a ton of great pictures of it floating around the internet, for example Brooke's. (That link leads straight to her post on it so you don't need to look around)

I had to save the best picture for last - the holos! I can't beliiieve how beautiful these are. OMG is a fair bit lighter than my GOSH holo, I was expecting them to be very similar. The formula is great too - they're thin but not runny and you only need two coats for maximum holo awesomeness. A problem I had with GOSH holo was bald spots appearing on the first coat (and no I wasn't using a base coat, I know you're not meant to with holos ^_^) but no sign of anything like that with these. Apparently the OMG collection are also great for Konad so I can't wait to give these a go, and I'm wondering how Let's Do It In 3D would be with Konad 'cause it's sort of glittery. Anyone used it with Konad before? :)

I'm afraid to tell you that you can expect to see a fair amount of experimental manis and konis in the near future.. but I promise I'll intersperse it with makeup posts!

Thanks again so much, Brooke!


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