Shloer, Berry Punch - a review


I often get asked to review products, and if you are a regular reader of my blog you will know I don't often do product reviews. But when I got an email from the PR company behind Shloer's new limited edition Berry Punch offering me a bottle to try, I thought why not! I love Shloer, and have fond memories of serving it at dinner parties I had as a teenager! With Christmas around the corner it would be good to find something new to serve my thirsty friends and family who have to drive home!

Last Sunday I took the bottle of Shloer around to my folks, who were hosting roast dinner for myself, and my sister, brother in law, newly engaged little sister and her fiance! My elder sister found it a little sweet to have with roast but agreed it would be great with some sweet treats! I loved the sweet sparkling fruity flavour and everyone who tried it wanted a top up!

The limited edition Berry Punch gives a nod to traditional Autumnal English flavours, packed with blackberries and a warming hint of spice. I will be purchasing a couple of bottles for my Christmas Winter Wonderland party, to serve over ice with slices of pear and blackberries!


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