Stephanie's tips: Second hand wine bottle

It's always nice to have a bottle of wine when friends come over, especially if it's a wine that you've been saving for the right moment.  Sometimes when you've invested in a special bottle it's hard to send it off to recycling, so here's a tasteful way to preserve the bottle and it's memories.  Wine lamps have been a favorite DIY for wine lovers for quite some time now as have the candle versions.  The perfect ambiance for your next soirée is only a heavenly sip away!  For the lamp version of this project I suggest you follow these simple instructions.

I just came back from a lovely (looooong) lunch with my friend Marie-Geneviève who participated in the Canadian version of Project Runway. She lives in NYC and after a stint at Zac Posen, she now teaches at Parsons School of design. Voici a little tribute to you my dear friend! 

Here's to following your dreams!

(images via: Japan)


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