Suds n' Sass Halloween Kits : Autumn Kit and Halloween Kit / Swatches

Tadadada ... I've bought 2 kits from Suds'n Sass : The Halloween and Autumn Kit . They are so gorgeous ....

The 2 kits and a nice gift : 2 mini soaps (i love the soaps , they are soft and smell's very nice )

The Autumn Kit :

3 eyeshadows , 1 pixie Dust and 2 Kiss my Sass Glosses : Poison Apple (a sheer brick red with intense green sparkles (caramel apple flavor) and Pumpkin Pickin' (a sheer orange with green sparkles (pumpkin cheesecake flavor)

Hayride : an antique gold (metallic)

Summers End : a dark rustic green (metallic)

Pixie Dust Sparkling Cider : golden brown with some orange/copper sparks (glitter)

Fall Harvest : a deep plum/maroon (metallic)

The Swatches : Eyeshadows over Pixie Epoxie

Hayride , Fall Harvest , Summers End and Pixie dust Sparkling Cider

Kiss My Sass Gloss : Poisoned Apple

Kiss My Sass Gloss Pumpkin Pickin'

The Halloween Kit:

3 eyeshadows , 1 Pixie Dust , 2 Kiss My Sass Glosses : Vampire's Kiss (a sheer black with a copper/brown/red interference (cinnamon flavor) and Hocus Pocus (a sheer violet with a copper interference (marshmalow flavor))

Pixie Dust Lucky 13 : black and violet with hints of lime green (glitter)

Death of Night : a deep dark blackened violet with intense multi colored sparkles (sparkle)

Cemetery Gates : a stone cold light grey with a green sheen (shimmer)

Sleepy Hollow : a charcoal grey with a copper sheen (shimmer)

The Swatches :  Eyeshadows over Pixie Epoxy

Kiss My Sass Gloss : Vampire's Kiss

Kiss My Sass Gloss : Hocus Pocus

Cemetery Gates , Sleepy Hollow , Death of Night and Pixie Dust Lucky 13


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