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Okay, so I confess I've never ordered from mineral makeup e-tailers. I've always assumed most pigments would be crappy and sheer, and I generally prefer to see things in person. My opinion changed quite a bit back when I won a contest held by Jess, the owner of Beautylicious Cosmetics - her shadows were amazingly pigmented. But, of course, I got those for free, so I've never BOUGHT anything of the sort.

Until now! I'm sure most of you probably know, but just in case you don't - The She Space (or TSS for short as it's known in the blogging world) is having a massive blowout sale to celebrate the owner's 40th birthday. EVERY pigment is $2.50 right now!

It's pretty much unheard of for me to buy blind without at least seeing plenty of swatches and comparing them, but I did it. I couldn't resist such a bloody bargain! Haha. I ordered ten pigments, here are the descriptions:

Flicker and Burn: "Vivid peach rose with a hint of coral"
Braving Briony: "Rich pearl grape metal"
First Class Con: "Nude bisque pearl" (unlike me, I know - got this with intention to use as a highlight colour!)
Twinkle Dazzle Delight: "Major glam!! Sunlight mixed with gold, pink and copper with a dash of gold sparkle"
Whirling Golden Devils: "Intense iridescent shimmer...could be copper, gold, bronze or pink depending on the light. Very dramatic!"
Because I Said So: "Crushed grapes with a bit of magenta sparkle"
False Pretense: "Forest Green Shimmer"
Minimal Damage: "Rich cocoa with layers of coral and gold"
Asylum: "Metallic Lime Green" (This is one of the 'powdered diamond dusts' which look uh-maaazing)
Tangy Taffy Twist: "Blazing copper shimmer with rasberry and copper glitz"

Corrr! Sound sexy much? Anyway, what I wanted to ask you all was - how do you feel about mineral makeup? Have you tried The She Space? I haven't just wasted my money have I? I want to hear any and all opinions! :D And of course let me know if you have ordered something from this sale or are going to!


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