BBJ’s New Intern Backstage at Cynthia Rowley’s Resort Collection

BBJ's intrepid intern Liz reports on backstage beauty at the Cynthia Rowley Resort Collection 2009! Stay tuned on more of her thoughts re: fashion in an upcoming post later today.

BBJ’s New Intern Backstage at Cynthia Rowley’s Resort Collection
By Liz Shayala

From the moment I walked into Half Gallery on Forsyth Street, I knew I was in the presence of a holy trinity of pretty things. Stila Cosmetics, REDKEN hair products, and Cynthia Rowley designs surrounded me on all sides. But before I could squeal like a little girl in a candy store, grab a chair, a couple makeup brushes and an exquisitely designed frock, I reminded myself that this was not a dream and I needed to pull it together, unless I wanted to be escorted out via straight jacket (If it didn’t help Brit or LindsLo’s careers it definitely was not going to help mine).
After entering back into reality, I was introduced to Stila pro artist/ makeup guru Dom Briguglio (pictured with model, first photo above), it was no surprise judging from his own bright, clear complexion and perf shaped brows, that this man knew his stuff.

Dom explained to me that even though Cynthia’s designs are a “resort collection," it is not your typical beachy boho look. Instead, he created a slightly more savvy woman through this look.

“This is not just a blush and lipstick situation,” Dom told me, as he lined a models eyes with Stila’s Smudge Pot in Black ($20) and then (obvi) smudged out the liner as an eye shadow. He said that, “it's more of a warmer, dewy, bronzy look with a twist. A twist that means business." HOT. The lower eyelids were lined with both Onyx and Tiger Eye Kajal eyeliners, to create a lightly smoky effect that was “perfectly imperfect.” LOVES! For the face Dom applied a mix of Stila Sun Gel ($24) with All Over Shimmer Liquid Luminizer ($22), to give the perfect amount of “dewy goodness.” (TIP: the Sun Gel can be mixed into your fave body moisturizer for an extra summer-esque glow.)

On the lips, he applied his newest fave Stila product, Mango Crush Lip and Cheek Stain ($24), that he swore looked great on all skin tones and is an essential summer item. It’s a multi-use product that can be worn for just a hint of color or layered for a more dramatic look. He wanted the lips to really pop, so he layered on Mango Mint Lip Plumper, which has a cooling effect instead of the usual tingling that plumpers have. I had to try it for myself and YUM, not only is it mangolicious, it definitely has the “WOW without the OW”.

Dom’s #1 makeup DON’T:
Using foundation in lieu of a bronzer to deepen your skin tone. NOTHING good will ever come of this and unless you want to look like a “muddy mess,” use the foundation color that’s right for your current skin tone.

Dom’s #1 makeup DO:
In the summer heat, the best way to keep your makeup from running amuck on your face is to apply a light powder finish after applying the rest of your makeup, like Stila’s Hydrating Finishing Powder ($20). This will help to absorb oil and prevent any makeup moveage.

In the whirlwind hour before the show, I was able to squeeze in a quick minute with one of the hair stylists from Culter Salon to talk about the AMAZE hair that was created for the look.

The inspiration was the French Riviera, keeping with the savvy resort theme. Hair was parted to the side and then teased back, using REDKEN workforce 09 flexible volumizing spray to hold volume in the front. The hair was then smoothed back and pulled into a relaxed side chignon. The style was simple yet fun.

A few girls had newspaper bows in their buns, which added a quirkiness that I ADORED.

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