Clarisonic: The Best Thing Since... Ever.

So, I pride myself on getting in at the ground floor of many things. But I'm SO SO late to the Clarisonic Skin Care System ($195) party. Like, I showed up after all the Prosecco's been cleared out and there are drunkards passed out on the couch and the host is irritatedly washing dishes standing on a sticky floor. You know?

Clarisonic launched in 2005 and here I am, telling you about it in 2009. Oprah was even a bit late to the party when she proclaimed the Clarisonic one of her Favorite Things in 2007. I mean, next, I'll be all, "Oh, hey, guys! There's this new social networking site called Friendster! And guess what? It's TOTES difficult to date in NYC. And I predict Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey might not MAKE it. I know! You can't BELIEVE." You get the idea.

The Clarisonic vacuums pores, eradicating dirt, makeup and oil. It's the Dyson of skin care. Scratch that. It's the Sonicare® of skin care. Just as I lurve my Sonicare Healthy White R732 and the way it beeps to tell me to clean another quadrant of my mouth, I love that my Clarisonic does the same thing. Its brush uses a patented sonic frequency of more than 300 movements per second to clean, soften and smooth your skin. The results definitely passed my rigorous do-I-want-to-feel-up-my-face? test requirements. I even noticed my pores looked clearer and that blackheads are far less visible after only a COUPLE of uses. My skin tone thus felt much more even and resulted in my needing less foundation than ush. Now the price is kind of egregious, but I'd consider this a worthy investment that you'll use daily (twice a day, per the product's instructions) much like I consider the T3 an indulgent necessity. The Clarisonic removes so much makeup that even though I pre-washed my face, there was still dingy greyish GUNK on my brushhead. Satisfaction City, population 1.

I can't wait to go home and brush my face.

Have you used the Clarisonic? Tell me what you think in the comments!

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