Cynthia Rowley Refashioned!

By Liz Shayala

During my time at Half Gallery, I was able to spend a couple minutes chit-chatting with an iconic designer.
Liz and Cynthia!

Never having conversed with someone exuding such intense levels of fabulosity, I knew I had to put my gameface on and act cool and professional. Which apparently, in my mind, translates to walking up to Cynthia Rowley and exclaiming, “oooohhh girl you are TOO HOT for that necklace!” It was made of matches… I was practically convulsing in laughter at my own joke. Yes, REAL professional. Luckily Cynthia was on my page and she laughed along with me (LOVE HER!), and even took some time to discuss her new collection.

Her new designs are “refashioned,” meaning, she took clothes from some of her past collections and reused the materials to create new looks (so ECO, so HOT RIGHT NOW). She revealed that she is very into “graffiti print” and all things ribbon. She wanted to create something classic, “but not so…bougie, more relaxed”. My two favorite looks are:

Graffiti Party Tube Dress (pictured, left)

Double Breasted Open-back Jacket with Cropped Tennis Sweater and Low-res Print Shorts. Wish I could have captured a more detailed picture of the low- res shorts, so cute, so tech-trendy!

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