Happy Birthday to Me and Why You Need Rohto Eye Drops

Gals, yesterday was my birthday! I spent the weekend in suburban Philly and caught up with Daneen, who came to enjoy a delish dinner with my fam at my grandmother's apartment on Saturday night.

I also did some shopping at Marshall's (as I tend to do in Blue Bell, PA) and checked out THE CUBE, a new department within the store that groups cute sunglasses, apparel, handbags, and shoes in a one boutique-esque location. It even has its own MUSIC. It was kind of jarring to me, as it's contemporary, and my BFF Lee and I sort of LIVE for the easy listening that is typical Marshall's music. But we were able to venture out into the store's perimeter to hear the ush Marshall's tunes. This time, I caught Mark Cohn's Walking in Memphis and Sade's Paradise. What's better? I can't think of one thing.

I came home with a divine grey ruffled blouse for work, a brown and pink polka dotted hand towel for my bathroom, a new bathmat, and an Ella Moss dress. Can you even? Then I headed to Target and picked up this adorbs navy and white dotted sheer coverup ($16, pictured above) that will most definitely make a cameo on my trip to Montauk next weekend for a girls' getaway.

Anywho, let's get to the beauty news, mmkay? I'm plum tuckered OUT lately thanks to my double life of beauty and finance. Parenthetically, am I not the PORTRAIT of a Gemini? I lead a double life and communicate for a LIVING. Anyway. I found recently that simply using some eyedrops makes all the difference to brighten up my peepers and even enhances my tan by bringing out the whites of my eyes. I'm loving Rohto V Cool ($7) which lubricates eyes, relieves redness, and provides a cooling sensation. I'm also loving dabbing a bit onto blemishes/blemish scars to reduce redness. Works wonders. But I find its best usage is pre-blue mascara (try BADgal Blue Mascara) application for clear and alert yeux.

Bloodshot eyes are about as glam as a class ring from the University of Phoenix. What are your favorite look-awake tricks? Tell me in the comments!

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