Lavender Room

Lavender Room
French Soaps by Lavender Room
Lavender Room
Birdie Paperweight
Heart Bowl by Lavender Room
Moroccan Bowl by Lavender Room
Lotus Flower tealight by Lavender Room
Distressed Wooden Photo Frame by Lavender Room
This week for my 'shops i love' page, I bring you Lavender Room. Set up in 2003 by friends Nicky Sanderson and Jenny Atherton, with the goal to become their customers’ favourite shop with old-fashioned values of good and personalised customer service.

When I get a chance to head down to Brighton, this is one store that always makes my heart flutter when I go in. Situated in the infamous lanes (adorable pedestrianised streets full of independent boutiques selling clothes, accessories, home wear and hand made fudge!), it is the cutest store with white roses at the entrance leading to a floaty white interior.

Inside you'll find vintage tables with delightfully decorative home accessories, pretty displays of candles, frames, glasses and cake stands on the shelves and a couple of rails of well chosen must-have pieces for the season along with bags, shoes and jewelery. If you ever get the chance to visit the relaxed and easy going town of Brighton on the South Coast of England, don't miss this delightful boutique!

Until then, check out the eye candy online at Lavender Room.

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