Sabon's New Organic Line

Beauty writers tend to have favorite beauty shopping spots in their city of residence, and Sabon makes my top five list. Their natural products have a 100% success rate with me (those I've tried have always wowed me), their soaps are freshly cut and smell divine, and the staff is always extraordinarily friendly.

No strangers to natural products, Sabon recently made its foray into organics. The line is paraben-free, sulfate-free and not tested on animals. The products are comprised of various plant extracts from the Swiss Alps and is ECOCERT-approved by an international organization that examines organic cosmetics.

The line includes:
Organic Body Scrub ($39)

My favorite item within this suite of products is their salt-based Organic Body Scrub (pictured above, $30). Among its natural ingredients are organic olive oil and Dead Sea minerals. Slough a small handful onto flaky/peeling skin and smooth, hydrated skin will soon be restored into your lifestyle. Just. Like. That. The Dead Sea is kind of magical, dolls. I went to Israel in 2007 and took a dip in it and my Queen Helene-induced bout of eczema was entirely eradicated post-float.

Also, If you haven't already seen it, check this video of yours truly applying "makeup" (dirt) from a crater in the middle of Israel's desert. It's pretty classic.


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