Stephanie's tips: Making Waves

A style that can go from day to night and from summer through to winter is hard to come by, but waves are one of those looks that never gets old.  Beautiful popping out from under a tuque, going crazy from all sides with earmuffs or cascading around a turtleneck, why not give it a try while the weather and early sunsets are leaving you a little less than inspired..

  Winter hair can be dry  and unruly so I believe that waves can help camouflage that dull, staticky look by adding a little oomph!  The reason I chose a tutorial that uses a flat-iron to create this style is because this tool is owned by so many women, yet very few have ever tried to create waves and curls with it.  Ladies, use your flat-iron to it's full potential and the next time you see this look in a magazine, know that you too can whip that bounce up in no time.

Don't forget to protect your hair before ever heating it up!!

You can follow an amazing tutorial here.

Below are some more lovely curl inspired looks with Kristen Bell  from WWD, hope you enjoy!

By the way, you can win a copy of J'Adore New York on this lovely book review blog...Good luck!

(images via ,, Tom Ford and We heart it)


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