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*Fanfare* Question of the Week has returned! For those of you that haven't been around on Do Not Refreeze for a long time, at the beginning of this year I used to have a weekly feature where we'd all get chatting about burning beauty issues. Some of my favourites included Overhyped Releases and False Nails, I loved the interaction of those posts and hope to resurrect it now, but under a new moniker! I doubt I'd be consistent enough to keep it weekly, so this will do. Let's go...

When was the last time someone complimented you?

The video above is 90 seconds of real feel-good footage! QVC Beauty have teamed up with comedian and 'international charmer' Brian Lacey to dish out over 100,000 compliments to ladies in the next couple of weeks and be the cause of 100,000 smiles. Dawww! Shockingly, research commissioned by QVC Beauty showed that 41% of women have not received a single compliment in the last year! After hearing that statistic, it comes as no surprise to learn that a measly 25% of men even think about dishing out compliments to the ladies in their lives. I'm lucky that my Colin is in that 25%! Of course Brian Lacey's compliments are cheesier than an Abba tribute band, but it got me thinking about compliments.

Being a waitress, I have to be friendly and chatty. It goes with the job, really, but I've always been the sort of person who smiles and says 'good morning' to strangers when you cross paths. Perhaps I wouldn't be if I was raised in the city, but where I live I only ever pass a handful of people on my 2 mile walk to work of a morning! Haha. I'm often stopping people on the train/on the street/in the cafe to say 'I love your top/bag/earrings/lipstick! Where did you get it?'. I like to raise a smile, because I know that REALLY brightens up my day if someone asks me something like that. There's absolutely no reason why we can't all spread some good feelings and maybe reap some good karma in return! It's not all about strangers, though, don't neglect your ladies at home! Your mum, your sister, your nan, your best mate. I'm always telling my mum how foxy she looks since dropping 2 stone!

So, tell me. Does your man compliment you, does he tell you you're beautiful every day? What's the best compliment you've ever received? Do you compliment others?

I hope you enjoy the return of Question of the Week. You are beautiful, by the way. :)


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