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Squirrel Hanging Ornament

Pine Cones
Acorn tops
Pine Cones
Pine Cones
Collecting Bark
Pine Cones
On Monday I showed you the Winter Woodland Christmas theme I am going for this year.

So, last month after a delicious family Sunday lunch prepared by my wonderful mother we all went for a walk in the woods at the back of my parents' house and collected pine cones, silver birch bark, moss and acorn tops. After giving everything a good clean and shake, I have been drying them out in front of the radiator. The pine cones that were closed when I picked them up from the woodland floor have since opened out as they dried and look wonderful.

I am thinking of making a wreath with some of the pine cones, covering some mini bird houses in the bark and using the acorn tops filled with Fimo to decorate my presents! With the remainder I think I will adorn the "Winter Woodland Candy Table" I'm planning.

Have a sweet day!


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