Bad News :(

Yeah, title says it all; I lost my job yesterday. The coffee shop I was working at only opened six weeks ago and of course this is an unseasonal time for a business like that so the boss wasn't bringing in nearly enough money to keep me on. She only had two employees anyway and the other girl had a fair few years more experience than me so I was the one to get the boot :(

But let's be honest - it was a shit job anyway and I couldn't wear nail polish. I'm gutted at having to sign on for Jobseeker's Allowance again, I hoped that's something I'd never have to repeat. So anyway - in the meantime, until I can find a new job, I might not be posting quite so regularly especially since I can't afford ridiculous hauls like before! Haha. I won't be on a hiatus or anything though, I'll still be here. In fact I'm still doing my nails every evening so I'll post up a bunch of this weeks manis at the end of the week. :)

Hope you're all well! <3


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