Look at this, ladies!

So I was surfing the interwebz for inspirational nail art pictures, and I came across THIS THREAD in the 'Ultimate Guitar' forums.

I'd just like to clarify that I find big ugly 3D acrylic nail art like the last two pictures in that first post fucking horrible - the person who started that thread chose some VERY ugly examples to illustrate her point. And I'd also like to clarify that I don't give a rat's ass about what men think - my Colin likes my nails and appreciates the effort I put into them, but the general concensus of the men on that website is that women who paint their nails are self-obsessed.

I will admit that as beauty bloggers, we DO have a certain amount of vanity but whatever, at least we take care of ourselves, right? If those guys wanna stereotype like that, we can just say 'all guitarists are filthy and unhygienic' - definitely not true of all boys who play guitar but it just kinda riled me that they think girl who paint their nails are a bunch of tarts. :( Can't they appreciate that for some of us, it's a hobby? It certainly is for me because I can't wear polish on a day to day basis because of my job - I come home and paint them for fun then take it all off again. It's a hobby in very much the same way as playing guitar is for them! Grr.


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