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"Interflora would love to create an interior floral design for your blog, Torie Jayne. Our florists would take inspiration from your blog, working to reflect your tastes and design style into a floral arrangement"

I, of course, excitedly said I would be honoured and delighted to receive a floral arrangement from Interflora. So, arriving home after a hard day's work I found a little note letting me know my flowers had been delivered to my neighbours. I ran round to collect them straight away. "You can't have them", was the first thing my neighbour said. "I am in love, they are so so beautiful" and then she led me into her kitchen where they took up the whole sideboard! We just stood there ooing and aahing and gushing about the beautiful sight before our eyes. Then I got to take them home!

I think my floral arrangement is wonderful, magical, gorgeous and I am in awe of the skillful attention to detail. My very own stylish woodland! There are hidden butterflies and pearly beads adorning twigs, touches of moss, plentiful greenery and an assortment of pretty flowers. I love how the flowers look like they have just sprouted from the mossy ground to give it a charming woodland effect. I can just imagine fairies prancing around their new enchanted home!

Thank you Interflora. I feel very blessed to receive such a thoughtful gift. If you would like to receive or send such a wonderful gift you can have bouquets designed to order over on the Interflora site.

Pretty Butterfly

Have a sweet day!


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