Swatchtravaganza Part III: Fyrinnae

Of my recent piggie haul, Fyrinnae is the only company which isn't technically mineral. It is all vegan, however, and incredibly unique!

I think the most truly brilliant thing about Fyrinnae's website is their swatches. And when I say swatches, I mean ACTUAL swatches, not inaccurate color pictures or the crappy splat-shapes of pixellated colour that Illamasqua used to have before their revamp. Take a look at this page for example - it's the swatches that persuaded me to choose this product. You really do know what you're getting here, which is fantastic.

I only ordered four shadows (got five though - you get one free!) and one other product, as their samples are a little more pricey than Sassy's - coming in at $1.75 (about £1.05) each - but SO worth it, these shadows are truly unique to a bigger and better extent than any others I've tried. The other product I picked up was their 'Pixie Epoxy' - here's what Fyrinnae have to say about it. I must say, I was completely intrigued and after seeing swatches with it I HAD to have it.

"Please note that this is not an eye shadow primer, or really a base. It is to keep sparkles on or to make shimmery shadows appear "glossy" / a foiled look without foiling.
Originally developed and formulated for a friend/pro artist, this unique "glue" is designed to hold the sparkliest, most shimmery eye shadows in place and minimize "fallout". Can also be used to retain a "wet" or "glossy" look to loose shadows. Don't worry, it's easily washed off, and while keeps shadows in a water-resistant state, the product itself is water-soluble (no silicones or oils)."

I've found for best results with Pixie Epoxy (or Pixipoxy as I like to call it), you only need the tinest amount spread over your eyelid - it comes in a tube with a doefoot applicator - and leave it to go a bit tacky before applying eyeshadows on top. It's very difficult to blend over but I'm working on it - if I find a good method I'll be sure to let you know! Anyway, we've GOT to see swatches now right?

Swatches from L-R are dry, wet on bare skin, dry over Pixipoxy.

Gorgeous colours, right? Boy Toy is I think part of their permanent line and was my free sample - I think I mentioned in my haul overview post that this free sample has a lot less in it than the bought samples but that's not a problem. Sleepy Hollow and Pumpkinfire are from the Halloween 2009 collection - Sleepy Hollow looks a bit more blue here than it really is, it's a bit more teal in the flesh.

These two are AMAZING. Jaw drop much? :D I think Dressed to Kill was one of the Halloween colours too, I can't quite remember. Love Potion is one of their 'Arcane Magic' shadows, which are supposed to be really multifaceted and all sorts of colours from different angles. I think the swatches of Dressed to Kill best illustrate the effect given by Pixie Epoxy - stunning, no?

I really, really want to order some more of the Arcane Magic line when I've got some spare money floating around (not for a while then.. hah). How about you - have you tried Fyrinnae? If not, do you want to now? XD


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