The Laundry

The Laundry
Vintage tin by The Laundry

Vintage tin by The Laundry

Angie Lewin cards by The Laundry

Vintage basket with orange handle by The Laundry

Vintage Pyrex baking bowl trio by The Laundry

This week for my 'shops i love' page, I bring you The Laundry.

Owner Gloria has always made things and it has never been in order to be economical. For her it isn’t about 'making do' it is about 'making more' of everything, all about using what is right there at your fingertips to make life special and enjoyable and your quality of life the best it can be. This shows in her beautifully picked vintage wares like the adorable vintage biscuit tin in the first pic. She sells a delightful mix of vintage home wares, kitchen accessories and textiles alongside charming new items like the eco wooden paper potter, wooden dolly pegs and retro print tea towel. A great place to pick up wonderfully unique Christmas gifts.

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