Winter Woodland candy cones

Winter Woodland candy cones

Winter woodland candy cones

You will need:
Cone wrapper
Double sided tape
Polka dot cellophane

Tim Holtz Non Stick Micro-Serrated Multicutter
Shape~Mates Circles
Shape~Mates Carriage

  1. Open cone print template (see image below) and print it out.
  2. Cut around cone wrapper and along lines to give 3 wrappers. (I use the shape mates large circle and cutter to cut out my circles.
  3. Roll one of the wrappers into a cone shape and, using double sided tape, fix in place.
  4. Place a second piece of tape inside the cone along one side and peel off backing.
  5. Cut out cellophane (use the "cellophane pattern" below as a stencil to cut out your cellophane - note each straight line is 24cm long).
  6. Roll cellophane into a cone shape and place inside cone wrapper. Press against the tape to fix in place.
  7. Fill with candy.
  8. Tie ribbon around the top.

Making Candy Cones
Winter Woodland Candy Cones
Cellophane pattern

Last year I made candy cones for Halloween & Christmas. This year I custom designed some for a friend of mine to give out as wedding favours. Four of us spent several hours putting together over 100 of them to be filled with sugared almonds. So, this Christmas I have designed them around my winter woodland theme and filled them with hand-made nut shaped chocolates with creamy maple centres.

Maple cream filled hand made chocolates

Have a sweet day!


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